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Short on time? You can come to us
Our Notary Publics can arrange to meet you at a public space that is preferable to you or at our local offices.

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Our mobile notary service is for
everyone. We travel to people who are celebrities, high wealth individuals, sick, elderly, or disabled whose time is at a premium or can't make it to a Notary.

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We offer Notary Signing Agent
services for out of state and local real estate firms, banks, notary companies, law firms and title companies. We are certified by the National Notary Association.


We offer complex signngs services
essential for companies looking for services such as loan signings or notarized documents outside of regular business hours or locations.

welcome to our website!

Signature Notary Ink, ("SNI") is a Tri-state area mobile Notary Specialist firm serving New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, New Jersey, & Connecticut. We have specifically designed a comprehensive array of mobile notary and apostille services to meet the demands of busy people. We provide notarization services and apostille authentication services to virtually every kind of business including real estate transactions, homeowner associations, title companies, hospitals, adoption paperwork, law offices, jails & prisons, corporate board rooms, just to mention a few.

Signature Notary Ink is one of New York's leading mobile notary public providers. We eliminate the hassle of looking for a Notary Public by coming to you in your area. We provide an easy way to book a Notary online, our Notary fees are affordable and we are available 24/7 by calling our toll-free phone number. Our Notary team will arrive and notarize the document from the convenience of your home, business or office.


NOTARIZATION must haves:

Signature Notary Ink adheres to all New York, New Jersey and Connecticut laws governing the practice and procedures of Notary Publics.

• The notary document signer must physically appear before the Notary at time of notarization – not before, and not after. A telephone call from the signer or the Notary's familiarity with a signature is not a personal appearance.

• The Notary must identify the signer through either (1) vouching of personally known, reliable, uninvolved witness who is under oath or (2) current government-issued ID card with photograph, signature and physical description.

• The Notary must be impartial and disinterested and not notarize a document bearing Notary's name or Notary signature or that of Notary's spouse or relative, or notarize any document which will in any way benefit the Notary.

• The Notary must make a record of each notarization and require document signer to affix signature – and where necessary thumb print – in official notary journal.

Disclaimer: Signature Notary Ink Services or any of its agents are not Attorneys. Please contact a licensed attorney or your local bar association for all legal matters.


  • Applicant appears before the Notary
  • Applicant shows identification
  • Applicant signs the document
  • Notary Public stamps the document
  • Applicant pays Notary Public